The First Public Meeting

Members of the club proudly announced they had the best hill climb in Australia. Back in March 15, 1952. It was the first event that the public were invited.
The club had numerous young men, all in their mid-20s who had worked on the hill to so many months. The opening day was a great satisfaction excitement and a proud moment for all those club members.
Interstate drivers were coming across as well to compete. The Gov of South Australia had a previous engagement. So that track was opened by the attorney general are J Ruddle. Other speakers, but Mr Angus senior in the club Pres George Benney. Mr Ruddle was taken up the hill and then down again in the Angus Jaguar and it was clear the wall he enjoyed it extremely. The day went well and in the last class, racing cars was seen as the highlight of the day. Not the least of all because of the appearance of performance of one Harold Clisby special, which he built in 26 days it consisted of a tube backbone in closing the drive shaft and Douglas 350 cc motorcycle engine at the front and the gearbox in the rear and round for motorcycle wheels and tyres independently sprung. It had nobody just a seat and weighed an incredible 51 kg. The site and design of the course gave several thousand spectators, a wonderful view no matter where they sat and completely independent return road meant the hill climb ran very very smoothly. The club was surprised that received numerous letters of appreciation from the spectators.
Howard Clisby Special and his MG TD is the background
From the Sunday Mail March 52
Close up of Results